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Meet the Grower; SK Quality Roses

When Sjaak and Cornellie Koene bought a garden and house on the Zwethkade in Wateringen in 1981, they did not start growing roses. At that time they grew irises, lilies, chrysanthemums and violets. Eventually, roses were planted and when the two eldest sons officially joined the company, it was time for a second location at the Scheeweg in De Lier in 2006. Here they started growing Avalanche roses, which proved to be well accepted. When the youngest son also joined the company, they expanded to a third location at the Noord-Lierweg in De Lier.

All roses from the three branches are now processed centrally at this location. The unsorted roses enter the hall from the cold store in water containers, via the conveyor belt. Here, they are checked for quality by experienced employees. Within 30 minutes, the roses are sorted and bunched by a camera system on the ultra-modern processing line. Before the roses are transported to the cold store via the conveyor belt, each barrel is given a preservation treatment. In the cold store, the buckets are sorted onto carts and prepared for delivery.

Rose grower SK Roses is in possession of the MPS-GAP certificate. The MPS-GAP certificate is based on, and officially benchmarked against, the well-known GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate of supermarket organisations in Europe. The entire production process is safe, sustainable and traceable. This allows SK Roses to work in an organised way. Everything within the company is dedicated to quality, safety and sustainability.

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