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Meet the Grower; Triflor

The love of tulips is deeply rooted in the van Dam family. The most beautiful tulips are grown with passion. But that is certainly not all!

Father Henk van Dam started the tulip forcing business together with two other partners in 1965. Since then, Triflor in Oude Niedorp has been a fact. Within a short time, the partners called it quits and Henk continued the company on his own. Since then, Triflor has grown to where it is today. The third generation has now also joined the company. From breeding and cultivation to export and forcing; Triflor has the whole package!

Triflor started breeding and propagating new tulip varieties in 1979. It strives for high quality and the most exclusive varieties. The varieties developed by Triflor are therefore distinguished by their many different shapes, colours and fragrances. Because the entire process is labour-intensive, but above all time-consuming, successes can only be achieved after several years!

Its bulb production in the Netherlands covers an area of 180 hectares, but Triflor also owns 20 hectares for bulb production in the south of France. Together with bulb production of also 130 hectares in New Zealand, bulb production covers a total cultivation of 330 hectares worldwide. Because the seasons of the producing countries are not synchronised, Triflor can supply customers with bulbs and flowers almost year-round.

Partly, the bulbs are for its own flower production, but about 140 million are exported mainly to the United States. Other sales countries include Canada, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Belgium, China and Thailand.

Over 40 million tulips are grown at the nursery in 115 different varieties. Triflor's tulips are available from early September to mid-May. Daily sales of the tulips take place via Royal Floraholland, but customers can also place orders directly.

With a workforce of more than 100 people, Triflor provides a wide range of tulip display every day! For more info on Triflor click here.

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