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Mit Blumen die Welt schoner machen

A nice and detailed interview with Erik-Jaap Kroone, managing director of Nijssen Jr BV, in the German magazine Wirtschaftsforum.


Sunday, October 2, 2022 : Grandparents' Day in Holland

On this day, we put grandparents in the spotlights. Grandparents are often very special people who assist us in a unique way.

Inspiration : Wedding Bouquets

The wedding season is upon us again, and flowers are a must on the most beautiful day of your life!

Spring Inspiration 2022

It is really coming along now.

Inspiration and tips!

Inspiratie kunnen we nooit genoeg hebben, en die willen we graag delen!

Sales manager


Nijssen Jr. introduceert huis styliste Lisette van de Kommer

Trends follow each other in quick succession and we never have enough inspiration. That's why we'd like to introduce you to our home stylist Lisette!

Nijssen Jr. launches new website

For a long time, the Nijssen Jr. website was the proverbial forgotten child, but that has now changed.



Meet the Grower:

Growing lathyrus has been a passion of the Hoogeveen family for many years. Nursery is located at Mijnsherenweg in Kudelstaart.

Entree Triflor 2023

Meet the Grower; Triflor

Full of passion, the most beautiful tulips are grown at Triflor in Oude Niedorp. The love for the tulip goes back three generations now.



December: The most beautiful month of the year

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

T2G 2022

Meet the Grower; Together2Grow

Together2Grow is all about cooperation, but cooperation between all links in the chain!

Buys Ilex 2022

Meet the Grower; K.A. Buijs ILex Verticillata

It is still fairly quiet at the Buys nursery. The family business of 4 ha is located at Uiterweg in Aalsmeer, and borders the Westeinderplassen.

Herfstsfeer 2022


Soon the leaves will fade and autumn will make its appearance, time to make your home cosy again!

Meet the Grower; XAnthu Wijnen Anthurium

Wijnen Anthuriums grow high-quality anthuriums.

Meet the Grower; SK Quality Roses

SK Roses strives for the highest quality Avalanche+ in the Netherlands.  They have three generations of experience in greenhouse horticulture.

Meet the Breeder; Interplant Roses

For decades Interplant Roses has been the world's leading rose breeder.

Meet the Grower; Kramer Seringen

Kramer Seringen, full in colour and fresh in scent!

Meet the Grower; W.F. Leenen

W.F. Leenen & Zn BV , founded in 1954, is a breeding, cultivation, hatchery and export company specialized in Daffodils.

Meet the Grower; Bac Orchids

Bac Orchids has been cultivating large-flowered Cymbidium in various types and colours, since the early 1980s. But that is not where it all started.

It’s time for Tulips!

National Tulip Day 2022

Dutch Tulips bring spring into your home and add colour to your day!

Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Successful 2022!

December is often the most wonderful time of the year. Eating and drinking with family and friends, but also often giving a beautiful (Christmas) bouquet.



Amaryllis Season

The Amaryllis, botanically called Hippeastrum, like many other flowers, has many symbolic meanings. The most common meanings are pride and enchanting beauty. The flower is also a symbol of friendship and affection.

Meet the Grower; Pico Bello Hortensia

Paul Kouwenhoven runs Pico Bello Hortensia, with his sons Richard and Bob, on 10ha in Bleiswijk.


Meet the Grower; Porta Nova

Porta Nova is the largest grower of Red Naomi roses in the world. The company was created as a result of a merger of three rose nurseries.



Tulip Day 2023; 21 January



On the third Saturday in January, we celebrate National Tulip Day, the start of the (cut) tulip season.

IPM Essen trade fair 2023



The trade fair for horticulture takes place again in January, IPM in Essen Germany.



Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2022



For years, the Trade Fair Aalsmeer has been experienced as a networking and inspiration event in the field of floriculture that you have to attend.

Job/internship market Yuverta MBO Aalsmeer



Are you looking for a job or a cool internship for your studies? Then come to the Yuverta MBO job/traineeship fair.

FloriWorld Aalsmeer



Are you crazy about flowers and plants? Then go on a journey of discovery and experience the magic in the indoor flower experience of the Netherlands!

Keukenhof 2022



From 24 March 2022 the Keukenhof will open its doors again. You can enjoy the most beautiful park in the world for almost eight weeks! Keukenhof is your most colourful day out.


National Tulip Day 2022



It’s time for Tulips!

National Tulip Day has existed since 2012. On Saturday 15 January 2022, we will celebrate it again. This day marks the start of the new tulip season, which runs until the end of April.



Website launch



From the 1st of December 2021 the renewed website and webshop Nijssen jr. are on air.