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Spring Inspiration 2022

Wonderful, spring is really on its way and we want to base our bouquets on it this month. With the shades of yellow and purple, combined with green, the bouquets quickly bring up a spring feeling. Yellow is associated with energy, sunshine, spring, summer, a new beginning, the joy of living and happiness. This colour is always cheerful and positive. Purple is a powerful colour. The colour symbolism of purple is trust, spiritual, reflective, transformation, inspiration.

The ultimate spring flowers are tulips, carnations, hyacinths, daffodils, blue grapes and shrubbery branches in bud. A simple branch in a vase can also evoke a wonderful spring feeling. With vases and pots of fresh flowers and plants, you can create your own spring atmosphere in no time!

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Gia Flowers

WF Leenen

Van Noort Hyacinten

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Inspiration and tips!

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