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Nijssen Jr. introduceert huis styliste Lisette van de Kommer

Lisette started her prosperous career at an exporter. Soon after that, she started working in a flower shop in Alkmaar, where she still regularly arranges the most beautiful bouquets. At home, Lisette has her own picking garden with Dahlias, Peonies, Tulips, Irises and other colourful summer flowers. Her favourite bouquet style will therefore not surprise you: an airy pick-your-own bouquet. But she is also very good at other richly filled arrangements, mourning and wedding work.

Trend Bouquet

For Nijssen, Lisette creates a trend bouquet every fortnight inspired by the season, product introductions and the flower and colour trends. She hopes to inspire us with her colourful passion, handy tips and personal preferences and we will ensure that you can view all the products (flowers and hardware) in the webshop immediately.

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