We are
Nijssen Jr.

We are a leading full-service flower export company specialised in cut flowers. Our company is based in Aalsmeer, in the heart of the flower sector: Royal FloraHolland.

After more than 34 years in the old auction building, in 2002 we moved to our new location at VBA-Zuid. Here we now have an automated operating space of over 5000 m2, spacious office facilities and a fully modern KOA room (dealing-room) with connections to all leading auctions.

We directly import products from abroad. Due to its favourable location close to Schiphol, it is profitable for us to order from growers in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and South Africa. In doing so, we serve our customers with a wide and fresh range of flowers at a very competitive price.

Access to the
widest range

We are available 24/7 with our wide range of flowers, plants and hardware products, via the webshop, app or by phone.

Top quality

Quality has always been the primary focus at Nijssen Jr. We offer products when they are at their best but are equally critical of the ‘year-round’ products.


Nijssen Jr. has its own fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles. This part of the logistics process enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to external factors and the wishes of the customers.


Every day our buyers inspect the batches of flowers on offer early in the morning, selecting mainly by quality within this range. During the auction process, these batches will then be purchased at competitive prices for the clientele.

We generally buy from regular growers during the iterative auction process. So many direct relationships have developed this way over the years, our chain partners.

We are strongly specialised in year-round products and seasonal products. With our direct lines we can constantly supply fresh products at a competitive price. Customers can rest assured that when products are scarce, we will ensure availability.


Our team maintains intensive contact with our customers daily. Personal contact is still extremely important, despite digital developments!

Customers can visit our webshop 24/7 where a wide range of flowers, plants and floristry items are on offer. Nijssen Jr. it is possible for you to buy directly from a grower.

We work closely with quality growers who offer their products daily between 2 p.m. and 6 a.m. the next day.

All orders before 6 a.m. are harvested the same day at the grower’s and transported to us. Nijssen Jr. in turn, then delivers it to its customers. Nijssen Jr. guarantees daily fresh trade!

We have five conditioned truck 
combinations, that make their rounds past customers every day.


After the flowers have been purchased and then sold, our drivers start to make their way to the customer.

All flowers are checked again for quality and quantity upon arrival. We make a real-time photo of each batch that is linked to the batch, so that you always have an overview of the quality.

Batches that have already been sold find their way directly to the transport department where everything is loaded onto carts and made ready for dispatch. The remaining flowers are transported into cool storage and to be sold later - and distributed to other customers.

In the afternoon, when all flowers are ready for shipment, they are loaded into trucks and transported to our customers.

We ourselves have five conditioned truck combinations, that make their rounds past customers every day. This means we are flexible and able to offer the best service to and for our customers.


In addition to transport on buckets and carts, we also have a professional packing department. Here, the flowers that are transported by plane are carefully packed, cooled, and flown to their final destination at lightning speed in collaboration with a regular forwarder at Schiphol.

Whether in the Middle East or America, nothing stands in the way of delivering where quality is desired. Fresh and always on time!

working at
Nijssen Jr.

Working at Nijssen Jr. is challenging, dynamic, and there are plenty of opportunities. Are you open to a job among the most colourful products in the world?


We work closely with flower and plant growers at home and abroad. This way we guarantee freshness, a solid range of strong quality and surprising diversity.


In our webshop you can see where products come from and which sustainability requirements this product meets.

Products can be provided with an FSI certificate and MPS-A certificate. Make sure to filter by the certificates that are important to you. More information about FSI and MPS certificates can be found on the websites below.

Bekijk hier ons Florimark MPS certificaat.

Royal FloraHolland

Nijssen Jr. leases the offices and operating areas of Royal FloraHolland at the Flower Auction complex Aalsmeer, De Kwakel. We are in strict compliance with Royal FloraHolland’s sustainability policy. This includes matters such as waste separation, where different waste streams must be provided to the auction for processing. In addition, information carriers and packaging are recycled and we aim to use recycled materials.

In addition to the general sustainability program, we have installed our own paper and cardboard press on a rental basis. Furthermore, efforts are made to waste as little energy as possible.

Maintenance contracts too, among other things, the cool storage are executed in a timely fashion and the use of light, heating and water is monitored.

Vehicle fleet

Nijssen Jr. BV has its own modern ‘truck fleet’. New lorries always meet at least the most up-to-date emission requirements that the EUR standard prescribes at that time. Incidentally, the latest commercial passenger cars are all Hybrid models.

Training company

Nijssen Jr. is a recognised training company and stimulates further growth and development within the company. That is why we offer internships and work placement programs and provide flexibility, so that studying and working with us can be easily combined.

Are you looking for more or are you capable of more? Show us, and together we will look at the possibilities within our company to facilitate your growth!

We have five conditioned truck 
combinations, that make their rounds past customers every day.



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